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Which Electric Kettle Is Best To Buy? Confused?

Electric kettles are a tool to heat the water more swiftly and easily without any need for a stove. There are many new features in a modern electric kettle, like a thermostat which allows you to set a precise temperature to perfect tea and coffee. But choosing the right electric kettle for you is really a tiresome work and it is very important to know “which electric kettle is good?” 

If you want to explore the latest trends happening in the world of electric kettles and don’t want to lose the fantastic offers and deals, then you are at the right website.

How This Website Help You?

Electric Kettle Shop is a buying guide website that helps you to choose the best electric kettle for all your needs. You can explore all the reviews, comparisons, and general information about electric kettle within a single website. So, be with us and get a perfect electric kettle for your kitchen shelf.

What Is An Electric Kettle?

Electric kettles are known as the best devices to quickly boil the water within a short span of time. Before the invention of electric kettle, it was very difficult and time taking procedure to boil the water from the traditional kettle on the stove. But now just because of electric kettle, boiling water in minutes is possible and that’s why these kettles are most popular.

Modern electric kettles are featured with thermostat heating units for boiling water at an accurate temperature which automatically switched off the kettle when attaining the required temperature. It is totally opposite of traditional stove kettle which needs more time and energy to boil the same volume of water.

Electric kettles are very convenient and safe because you not need to place them on the stove to prepare the beverage. Just plug the electric kettle into a power outlet and your kettle is ready to make your perfect tea or coffee.

Always make sure that you buy an electric kettle that has a temperature control feature. This type of electric kettle boils the water as per the required temperature and then automatically switched off. This feature not only increases the convenience but also enhances safety. Electric kettle without temperature control not only damages your kettle but also be a reason of accidental fire.

Why Use An Electric Kettle?

There are many good reasons that make it worthy to buy and use abest electric kettle. Some are mentioned below:

  • Electric kettles are fast enough: Many customers experienced that electric tea kettle can easily and instantly boil the water as compared to stovetop kettles.
  • Electric kettles won’t burn your hand: Stovetop kettles are got hotter, and even their handles too, that are meant to be heat-resistant. On the other hand, the only internal base of the electric kettle is hot to prepare brew, not kettle’s outer body.
  • An electric kettle doesn’twhistle: Some people get annoyed by the sound of stovetop kettle whistle. But modern electric kettles are embedded with temperature control feature which auto-turn off when water boils- no whistle, no screaming…
  • Electric kettles are more precise: If you want a perfect cup of tea or coffee than the right temperature is the key. For instance, Green tea required a lower temperature- about 160°F to 170°F. With stovetop kettles, you always guessing the right temperature and still you not get it. But electric kettle allows you to set your desired temperature to heat the water that guarantees you a perfect cup of your favorite brew.

How To Choose Electric Kettle?

There are lots of options for electric kettles are available in the market and it is useful to keep in mind some criteria to order a perfect kettle.


Some people love those electric kettles which offer them speed. If your main reasons behind buy an electric kettle are to boost up the preparation time of your tea, or coffee, then you should closely look for the fast boiling electric kettle. These fast boiling electric kettles can easily heat the water within 90 seconds.

Temperature Control

After speed, the temperature controlling feature is also very important. There are different types of tea available, but without getting the right temperature, you can’t enjoy your brew. It might be the right temperature for your green tea, but it might not right for your oolong tea. So if this feature is important for you then select an electric kettle with a temperature control feature.


Electric kettle without modern and advanced features starting price from $15.Electric kettle model with higher- quality and large capacity can cost you from $100.If you want an electric kettle that just boils the water fast and doesn’t have many features then such models will cost you $15-$30. Quality build electric kettle with durability and advanced features might be expensive options but it much better.


The size or capacity of an electric kettle is a very important factor. Do you want to make a coffee or tea for single, or you need to make it for several guys? The modern electric kettle holds enough capacity to prepare brew for many, but some mini electric kettle with small capacity is also available. So thoroughly think about your requirements and compare all the electric kettles according to your capacity needs.


Most of the electric kettles are made from three types of material, steel, glass, and plastic. Maximum people choose stainless steel and glass electric kettles than plastic, while plastic electric kettles are much portable and easy to travel with. Stainless steel electric kettles are best for durability and glass electric kettles are selected by those people who want to see the boiling water. An electric kettle material depends upon buyers’ personal choice and usage needs.


If your electric kettle always remains on your kitchen shelf then the weight is not a problem for you. But if you want that your kettle is being with you while travel or you feel difficulty holding the kettle when pouring beverage then travel electric kettles and mini electric kettles might be a good option for you.

Electric Kettles of the day!

Cuisinart Perfectemp Electric Kettle 1.7 Liter (Cpk-17)

Best for all purposes

Unique Point: Cuisinart Perfectemp Cordless Electric Kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters and it can quickly boil the water. It can heat the water at a different level of temperature to maximum optimize the flavor of your tea or coffee.

Our View: This Cuisinart Perfectemp electric kettle is won the buyers heart because of its high-end performance and easy to use interface. We test this kettle and found that it can boil the 1 liter of water very fast. It also impressed us by providing the accurate boiling temperature of the water.

This electric kettle is featured with six preset temperature control buttons from which you can set the temperature according to your brew. The Keep Warm function will give you the power to remain the water warmness for 30 minutes. Cuisinart Perfectemp electric kettle comes with a 3-year warranty which makes it unique from other electric kettles of the same budget and capacity.

OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Pour-Over Kettle

Best Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Unique Point: This OXO gooseneck electric kettle is for anyone who wants to prepare a cozy cup of tea or pour-over the coffee with spot-on accurate temperature. This kettle is perfect for brewing a quick cup of tea or coffee.

Our View: OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Pour-Over electric kettle gives you the advantage to control and precision pour-over. This electric kettle comes with all the features that are necessary to make a perfect cup of tea or coffee. It offers more control over the water boiling temperature from 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

OXO electric kettle comes with settings like beep when it’s ready and holds the water temperature for up to 30 minutes after shut-off. It is naturally BPA-free and made from stainless steel having 1 liter of capacity.

Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle

Great Performance at Low Price

Unique Point: Hamilton Beach 40880 electric kettle is perfect to prepare a cup of tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage. The kettle design is compact which makes it ideal for the kitchen, office, or dorm room. Hamilton Beach 40880 electric kettle embedded with a rapid-boil coil system that provides hot water faster than a microwave, and it is safe to use than a traditional stovetop kettle.

Our View: This inexpensive Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle is an excellent option for those tea/coffee lovers who have a limited budget but want a good quality electric kettle. It is a simple electric kettle without lots of features, with a simple on/off button at its handle. It can quickly boil the water and automatic shut-off when reaching the temperature. It consists of a large handle which stays cool and doesn’t spout out the drink when while serving.