About Us

My name is Smith, founder of Electrickettleshop.com and I want to thank you for stopping here.

Like most the buyers, I am also look at the reviews before buying anything because it costs my dollars. I am damn sure that you do the same thing.

How can this website help you?

Electrickettleshop.com, inspect thousands of reviews from various shopping sites, bloggers, and other tech websites and then show the easy and readable form of specific products. By this way, it can saves time and hundreds of dollars by choosing a right product.

There are many website showing on the Google, but the problem is that they all are focus of many products and services, not on specific niche. This is why we are focus on most important kitchen item, electric kettle. Today, lots of companies and varieties of electric kettles are available which create confusion for the buyers. Our website helps them to make a best buying decision for kettle.

How did you choose the products?

All products showing at Electrickettleshop.com are based on 100% true consumers reviews. Products with low rating and bad reviews are immediately terminated. The ranking of the products are based on many factors such as- usability, build-quality, battery life, charge time, warranty, consumer rating, customer service and price.

First of all, we visit at Amazon.com and then select only top-rated products based on their popularity and rating. The products must have 20 good reviews otherwise they are drop from our list. I also search the products feedbacks on other websites and gather the consumer data to give best results. All the reviews are manually written.

Why from Amazon?

Amazon is globally known as a top ecommerce website that offers best products and offers. Sometimes you get the same product at low price from Amazon then stores. If there is any problem with the products, Amazon will have fast and friendly customer care policies and services.

Why you do this for FREE?

My primary goal behind starting Electrickettleshop.com is to helping the people to make a best buying decision. I get a small commission from Amazon when you buy something through my website referral.